Lent at StMMM 2021

Marking Lent at StMMM 2021

        A time for prayer, fasting, reflection and self-examination.

Let’s begin Lent together. I warmly invite you to take part in worship prayer and reflection this Lent. Here are ways we can be involved.

1. Praying through Lent Together from Thursday Feb 18th

Take time this Lent to come together over Zoom to pray

Please join on Zoom for a time of Prayer for our World, our Community and ourselves

See weekly email or contact the office for Zoom details

Week beginning 1st March

Monday at 8.30 am

Tuesday at 12 noon

Wednesday at 9 am

Thursday at 12 noon

2. Prayer with Reflection on Wednesdays

Rather than giving a thought for the day, on Wednesdays in Lent at Morning Prayer, I will give a 6 minute Reflection on the theme of the “Wilderness”.

3. Prayerand intercession through Lent 

To help you have a daily focus for prayer please find the Lent prayer material that we use in all the churches in Croydon to pray for the work and ministry that is going on in our Borough. It is deeply encouraging and informative so I realty encourage you to use it. We cannot hand these out in hard copy as in previous years so the whole booklet is sent to you as an attachment in a separate email.

4. Further Reading and Reflection.

Here are FOUR books, amongst many, that I could recommend this Lent

Amazed By Jesus. Simon Ponsonby (Muddy Pearl Amazed By Jesus helps us to restore our vision of Jesus and expand it, so we can know him better and see him as he is. In Lent, as we journey with Jesus through his ministry and to the cross, Simon’s book helps us grow deeper in our understanding of how Jesus   changed and is changing everything.

Prophetic Lament: A Call For Justice In Troubled Times

Soong Chan Rah (IVP)

The church often avoids lament. Lament recognises struggle and suffering, that the world is not as it ought to be, including in matters of social justice and race. This prophetic study of the book of Lamentations helps us to enter God's heart for a suffering world and resources us to plead to our Father and do kingdom work for justice.

Gentle And Lowly: The Heart Of Christ For Sinners And Sufferers

Dane Ortlund (Crossway)

A recent classic. In its author's words, ‘It is one thing to know the doctrines of the incarnation and the atonement and a hundred other vital doctrines. It is another, more searching matter to know Christ’s heart for you. Who is he?’ This book meditates on Jesus, the one ‘gentle and lowly in heart’ and his healing balm for sinners and sufferers.

Plenty Good Room: A Lenten Bible Study Based on African American Spirituals

This short Bible study combines an integrated look at Scripture, African American history, and the music and lyrics of six African American spirituals: 'Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit," "This Lonesome Valley," "Bow Down on Your Knees," "Plenty Good Room," “Ain't Dat Good News," and "Were You There?”

Lent Material for Families

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