Addiscombe Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group (ACMAG)

Your help is urgently needed now to support your local community in Addiscombe

The Addiscombe Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group (ACMAG) has done a great job in enabling street-residents groups to be set up in order to help one another. This is happening through out our parish. You can find the group on face book.

In addition there is a great need for donated food for the work of the CVA and other charities so the same ACMAG and our councillor Sean Fitzsimons have arranged a drop off point For your donations of necessary goods at St Mildred’s centre from March 31st. Please read the information I have been sent and respond as generously as you are able .

With every blessing and thanks Amanda

St. Mildred's Drop off has been extended until 29th August

Find out how you can help now by clicking on the links below