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St. Mary’s is an Anglican Church in the Diocese of Southwark with a congregation of around 160 including approximately 40 children.

Our community is a rich mixture of people of all ages, cultures and from different walks of life. The church is fully inclusive and no matter what your background, history or current understanding of the Christian faith, you are warmly invited.


We are of an open evangelical tradition and at our heart is a commitment to biblical teaching, spirit filled worship, prayer, community care and outreach and children’s and youth work.



The present Parish was created by the merging of the parish of St. Mary Magdalene with the neighboring parish of St. Martin in 1994.

Geographically, the area of the parish is not large and lies east of East Croydon station and north of the main Addiscombe Road (A232). It is a parish of over 16,000 people.


Housing varies from small flats, houses, and two small estates to large detached homes. There are over one hundred shops and businesses in the parish together with two primary schools and a nursery school.

Connected Golden Spheres


  • It is the vision of a compassionate church that reaches out to people, working with the wider community in partnership with others to meet social, physical, emotional and intellectual as well as spiritual needs; transforming many lives with the love of Jesus Christ.

  • It is the vision of a caring family, which is multi-racial and socially mixed, where anyone, including the unfulfilled, confused, discouraged, hurting and broken can find satisfaction, guidance, healing and help and an opportunity to serve in an environment of open acceptance and love; finding hope for a meaningful and fulfilled life.

  • It is the vision of a church which seeks a true spirituality, centred on Christ and his Word, and worship that is accessible and inclusive; engaging with God in a variety of styles.

  • It is the vision of every member discovering God's purpose for their lives and finding their unique spiritual gifts and talents to share the load to fulfil God's mission.

  • It is the vision of growing the Kingdom, with relevant biblical preaching and teaching, quality youth and children's work, helping to build God's Kingdom.

  • It is the vision of beautiful church buildings that are well-designed, welcoming and warm, flexible and comfortable to cater for the wide range of needs of the church and wider-community and providing all users with a sense of peace and well-being.


Know StMMM

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