The team

The responsibility for leading the church rests with the Vicar Amanda Johnson. email her on

There is a strong lay involvement in the church, with most areas of ministry led by the laity. The ministry of the church is led through various teams:

The  'Preaching and leading Team', for those who preach and also lead worship who include:
Our licensed Readers Michael Eldridge and Regina Chitambara
Occasional Preachers Ken Wiebe and Brian Reed
A large team who help to lead our informal service and different evening and afternoon service.

The 'Pastoral Team', comprising of four Southwark Pastoral Auxiliaries ('SPAs') Sharon Wallace,  Marion Padgham, Norma Schofield and Gillian Perrins, who are commissioned to serve in Pastoral Ministry together with Michael Eldridge and Dorothy Wilkins, (spiritual directors).

The PCC :  all business decisions are ultimately taken by the Parochial Church Council (PCC). Communications to Phil Dent (PCC Secretary) email: and Amanda Johnson (Chair)
The Standing Committee who are responsible for the day to day decisions and answerable to the PCC comprising  Trudy Nieto and Patrick Wells (Churchwardens) Barbara Yankah and Chris Gee (Treasurer).

The day to day co ordination of Parish event is through the Church Office and our Parish Administrator Val Rolfe. email:  and 020 8 656 3457

HALL BOOKINGS are all administered via the Church Office.